Youth Programs



We offer skills development training in small classes with qualified, experienced personnel in a safe, fun environment. Our aim is to develop better and more technically gifted football players and also to give every child the opportunity to be the best that they can be.

FFU (6U)                   Sat 9AM-10:30AM

Our 6 year old and under program introduces kids to football through discovery and play. Kids engage in a variety of physical activities with and without the ball. 

In our 3-4 year-old program, training is comprised of games that focus on improving agility, coordination, and balance.

In our 5-6-year-old program, training continues to focus on agility and coordination, as well as developing skills that are applicable to the real game such as shooting, passing, dribbling and teamwork.

At FFU we believe that the game is the best teacher and that kids should learn by playing and having fun.

FFU [11U]                    Sat 9AM-10:30AM

Our 11 year old and under program is focused on skill development. We encourage repetitive drills and frequent games to ensure that they improve their technique and build their confidence. 


FFU [14U/16U]       Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu 4PM-5PM 

This is designed for the more serious/advanced player. We are committed to your child’s football and social development and helping them to realize their full potential, ensuring that they will be the best that they can be.


  • A competitive, fun, and challenging environment at training sessions.
  • Sessions designed to promote player development.
  • Coaches that are respectful, engaged,  and knowledgeable.
  • In and off Season Training Including: footwork speed and agility training 
  • Training Camps
  • A quality training facilities for all training sessions and camps.  
  • Opportunity to travel for competitive games. 

PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT We therefore encourage 2-4 sessions per week to take your game to the next level