Why small sided football?

Small-sided football has out grown the 11-a-side game worldwide. It is a fun and exciting smaller scaled version of the beautiful game. Small sided games are the best technical and tactical skills developer for players. It requires more touches of the ball in a confined space, encourages quicker thinking, passing and movement. This concept will help each player move to the full-sided 11V11 game with improved confidence and skill. Football greats such as Pele, Zico, Ronaldino, Ronaldo and countless others attribute their skills to 5 a side football. Best of all with more opportunities to touch the ball, players have better chances to score goals thus gaining confidence whilst having FUN!

What do I wear?
Our fields use the latest generation artificial grass with sand and rubber infill as such we recommend that you wear turf shoes, as well as shin guards for your own safety. No studs allowed.
How Do I Join?
Contact us to make an appointment to sign up for membership.
How Do I Book?
Contact us at Tel: 876.885.4696 or info@footballfactoryja.com
Can I Block Book?
If you wish to lock in a time every week we can book you for 10 sessions or more at a time, subject to availability. Contact us for more information.

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